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The Wings of Danger
A novel of Firthor

In a world where mighty Dragons rule the skies, where human Mages harness the very powers of life, and where Elven Scouts wage constant warfare against the Wild Magic that threatens to destroy their beloved forest homeland, only one force exists to battle an ancient evil which now rises once more to threaten freedom and life itself. The Dragons of Vard partner with their human Riders in an age-old effort to prepare for the prophesied return of the Black Dragon, who once nearly destroyed the world, and whose powers were kept in check only by the combined might of the nations and of Vard, the father of Dragons.

But Vard now lies in enchanted sleep, and without him the Dragons of Vard cannot hope to defeat the Black Dragon. Five young people, thrown together more by choice than by fate, have taken destiny into their own hands. The hope of the races rests on the shoulders of Bren, a young Rider swordsman; Lyam, his life-bonded Dragon Wingbrother; Kial, a cynical student mage; Senoreth, a priestess of the Holy Flame; and Jai, an Elven outlaw.

These five are the Wakers of Vard, and theirs is a race against time to complete the tasks that will redeem--or destroy--the world they love. The Wakers possess formidable gifts, but the odds against them are almost insuperable. And when the choice lies between destroying all they hold dear, or sacrificing themselves to grasp that slim hope of salvation, there is death every way they turn…

For he who rides the Sons of Vard
Rides on the Wings of Danger

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